Make sure you qualify

To be eligible to enter the 2018 Telstra Business Women's Awards, you must meet set criteria.

For Award in Asia category:  

  • You must be a resident of Asia (see list of eligible countries in Terms and Conditions)
  • You are not employed by Telstra, a sponsor, or direct supplier of the Telstra Business Women's Awards
  • Telstra does not have a financial interest in your business or organisation
  • You have not been involved in the judging of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the past three years
  • You were not an Award winner in the 2015 or 2016 Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Qualities that potential Award winners share:

The Judges look for qualities that reflect the values of the Awards:

  • a compelling vision that shapes what you do
  • excellent leadership
  • overcoming adversity with determination and creative problem solving
  • championing the skills of relationship building and negotiation in business
  • mentoring others to succeed
  • giving back to your community
  • challenging the notion that there is only one way of doing things