Entry details

The what, how and when

Participating in the Telstra Business Women's Awards starts with a nomination. Either others who know and admire you nominate you, or you take the plunge and nominate yourself. Entries for the 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards are now open and close on 15 June 2017.

Once nominated, to officially be part of the Awards program, nominees need to submit a completed online entry form. Before starting the entry form, nominees should check the eligibility criteria here.

Other useful links for nominees entering the Awards include:

  • The Awards Information Pack guides nominees as they complete the entry form. It includes an entry overview, entry questions, and space for capturing thoughts and composing answers.
  • Nominees who have confirmed they are eligible, can complete the online entry form between 26 April and 15 June 2017 by logging in here.

Find out what motivated some of last year’s finalists to go on their Awards journey – from nomination and completing the entry form to becoming a finalist and the honour of winning such a prestigious award. 


What are the features of the entry form?

The entry form can only be completed online and is designed to be saved and returned to as often as needed.

To enable entrants to fully describe their business journey and achievements the entry form has 10 sections:

  • Eligibility and categories
  • About you
  • The business
  • Sustainability
  • Financials
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Values
  • Business references
  • Disputes and proceedings

For a valid entry, all the questions must be answered. They can, however, be answered in any order.

Important note
If you are shortlisted you may have to submit further details about the financial performance of your business, including a full P&L statement. All financial information is treated with the strictest confidence and only used for the purpose of judging entries. It is not disclosed to anyone outside this process.

Things you should know about the entry form that may make it easier to complete:

  • The entry form can't be downloaded; you must complete it online
  • The information you enter must be saved before navigating away from the page
  • By clicking the NEXT STEP button at the bottom of the entry page, that page is automatically saved. Leaving the page without clicking NEXT STEP or SAVE will mean you loose the content you’ve just entered
  • Once saved, you can leave the webpage and return to it later
  • You can edit the entry form at any time and as many times as necessary until the entry deadline
  • The question you are currently working on is highlighted so it's easy to find
  • When a question is fully completed, a tick will appear
  • In the top right hand corner, a percentage figure shows how much of your entry is complete. The SUBMIT button will only work when the figure shows 100%.
  • Once you hit the SUBMIT button, no more changes to the entry form can be made
  • You’ll find additional tips and hints throughout the form

If there is anything we can help you with, please use the online enquiry form or call the Awards team between 9am and 7pm AEST Monday to Friday (see Contact page for details).