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Have a question about the Telstra Business Women's Awards? Scroll down for the answers you need.

If you can't find what you're looking for, give the Awards team a call on 1800 817 536.


  • Does it cost anything to nominate someone or enter the Awards?

    No. Nominating and entering the Telstra Business Women's Awards are both free. So, if you’re ready, submit your nomination here.

  • Can I nominate myself?

    Absolutely! If you meet the criteria, then you’re more than welcome to nominate yourself. If you’re unsure, check out the eligibility criteria here.

  • Can I nominate someone anonymously?

    Yes. When making a nomination, you'll be given the choice to remain anonymous.

Being nominated

  • What happens after a nomination is made?

    Once someone has been nominated for an Award, we contact her, and invite her to join the Awards program. The person who made the nomination doesn't have to do anything else.

  • If someone is nominated by more than one person, does that increase their chances of winning?

    No. Regardless of the number of nominations they receive, a nominee can only submit one entry.

  • Does a nominee have to take part in the Awards?

    No. If you've been nominated, but you decide the Awards aren't for you, we suggest contacting the person who nominated you – if you know who that is – and thank them for the recognition.

Completing your entry

  • I've been nominated for the Awards. How do I start my entry?

    Congratulations! You'll receive an online entry form to get started.

  • How long does it take to complete an entry?

    This varies from person to person, but usually takes between 15 and 20 hours. Past entrants often tell us how much they valued the experience because it allowed them a rare opportunity to reflect on their journey, achievements and goals.

  • When do entries open?

    Once nominated, a nominee can start preparing their entry from Thursday September 27.

  • When do entries close?

    Entries for the 2019 Awards are due by 5pm AEST on Wednesday November 14.

  • Can an entrant win more than one Award?

    Yes, they can! It’s possible that any given individual could win in both the category she entered, as well as the overall State award.

    You can also be the recipient of multiple awards by winning at both the State and National level.

  • My entry contains sensitive information. Are entries confidential?

    Yes. Entry submissions are treated with the strictest confidence and all electronic records are securely stored by the Awards team.

  • Do I have to answer all the questions?

    Yes. An entry cannot be submitted unless all the questions are answered. The Awards team is always happy to help with any problems you may encounter during your entry.

  • Does financial information in the entry have to be verified?

    Only entrants who are shortlisted for the Awards (the second stage of judging) may be asked to have their financial information verified by their accountant.

  • Do I need to provide references?

    Yes. To help the Judges understand as much as possible about what makes you successful, you'll be asked to submit three written references, by someone representing each of these groups:

    1. A direct manager, CEO, chairperson or board member. For the Small Business category, a business mentor is acceptable
    2. A professional colleague or supplier
    3. An employee, client or someone who reports directly to the entrant

  • I've submitted my entry. What happens next?

    We'll start the judging, and contact you via email with your result. If you're shortlisted as an Awards finalist, you'll be invited to attend a judging interview in your capital city. Unsuccessful entrants are encouraged to nominate and enter for the next Awards season.

  • Can I seek feedback on my Awards entry?

    No. Unfortunately, our Judges' busy schedule means they cannot give individual feedback.

Eligibility and categories

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Awards?

    The eligibility criteria can be found here.

  • I work for a non-profit organisation. Am I eligible to enter?

    Of course – you are eligible to enter the For Purpose & Social Enterprise category.

  • Are franchise owners eligible for the Awards?

    Yes. You are eligible to enter the Small Business category if you own more than 25% of the business and have been operating for at least two years.


  • Who judges the entries?

    Our judging panel is put together from a pool of national business experts and successful business owners, including members of our esteemed Awards Alumni.

    They live and breathe business every day and take great pride in being part of the Telstra Business Women's Awards program. They treat all entry information professionally and sign confidentiality agreements before judging commences.

  • What do the Judges look for in an entry?

    Our Judges are looking for concise answers that are relevant, accurate and honest. Their main objective is to recognise Australia's best women in business by understanding the philosophies, practices and ambitions that drive your career. They also want a sense of how you became successful, and your plans and vision for the future.

    You can read all about the judging criteria here.


  • How do I join the Alumni network?

    If you're announced as a State finalist, you'll also be invited to join our prestigious Alumni community.