Frequently asked questions

Telstra Business Women's Awards FAQs are divided into seven categories:

  1. Making a nomination
  2. Being nominated
  3. Completing the entry form
  4. Eligibility and categories
  5. Judging
  6. After completing the entry
  7. General

If you have any other questions, please contact the Awards team via the online enquiry form or by calling 1800 817 536 (within Australia only).

Making a nomination

Does it cost anything to make a nomination?
What happens when a nomination is made?
Can a person nominate herself?
Can a nomination be made anonymously?

Being nominated

Does it cost anything to enter the Awards?
If someone is nominated by more than one person, does that increase their chance of winning?
Does a nominee have to take part in the Awards?
Can a nominee win more than one Award?

Completing the entry form

How can a nominee get an entry form?
Can nominees get help in completing the entry form?
Entries could contain sensitive information. Are entries confidential?
How long does it take to complete an entry?
Do all the questions have to be answered?
Does financial information in the entry have to be verified?
Do entrants have to list references?

Eligibility and categories

What are the eligibility criteria for the Awards?
I work for a non-profit organisation. Am I eligible to enter?
Are franchise owners eligible for the Awards?
How long does an entrant have to have worked in their current position to be eligible for the Awards?
Does someone entering the Young Business Women's Award have to enter in one of the qualifying categories first?


Who are the Award judges?
What are the Judges looking for?

After completing the entry

How can a nominee get an entry form?
What do entrants have to do after submitting their entry?
Can an entrant receive feedback on their Award entry?
How does an entrant find out about the result of their entry?
If an entrant is selected as a finalist, will she compete at the State/Territory or National level?


After the Awards, is there a way that entrants can keep in touch with the other finalists and winners?
When do tickets go on sale for the Awards presentation dinners?
Who have been the past Award winners?
What Awards-related social networks can I join?
What's the best way of getting the latest Awards news?